Let Us Take the Hassle Out of I.T.

Our Products 

We deliver a broad range of services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your business.

• Automated Offsite Encrypted backups.
• Firewall service and traffic control.  
• Full remote network administration and monitoring. 
• Domain, Web hosting and Email Services
• DNS Hosting and Management
• Client-side server and desktop remote management and maintenance 
• End User Support
• Hardware and Software solutions
• Domain Management
• Linux Administration

• Firewall defense of both internal and external traffic. 
• NAT rules in and out. 
• QOC packet management, priority packet management for individual services
• Virtual Private Network connection through IPSEC, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and OVPN connections
• Network and private address DCP service for multiple connections. 
• Prescan of all packets for Virus content and malicious code. 
• MPLS, OSPF, BGP, VMPLS, Rip and static routing protocols available. 
• Mesh Network Control. 
• Full Logging and traffic audit graphs. 
• DNS and naming of all internal PC,s and server within the DNS. (For DHCP clients)
• Full NTP time server for the internal network. 
• CAP management of AP Wi-Fi systems.
• Selective blocking of any site or group of sites.

Remote Administration
• Daily copy of all logs sent for backup on the cloud. 
• Daily updates of all rules and scripts used as defence against viruses and malware.
• Auto scripts used to update software and carry out all maintenance of the firewall from the master server at My Cloud Cover. 
• Software upgrades all included. 
• Walled Garden and hotspot access available. 
• Connection management and monitoring between Head office and branch(s) VPN. 

Email Services
• POP3, SMTP, IMAP For user access.
• Remote email collection from secondary accounts such as free accounts (Hotmail, Gmail)
• Web access, edit user settings, change passwords, create forwards to secondary Email addresses. 
• Full aliases = sales@email.com is automatically sent to you@email.com
• Out of Office messages and forwarding. 
• Group creation and management. 
• User management and account creation for company managers. 
• Virus filtration built in. 

Offsite Backup

• 2048-bit encryption on file transfer
• 2048-bit encryption of files.
• Files stored on the cloud have an additional private encryption KEY to keep the files private. 
• Web page access to all files. 
• Automatic backup of specified files. 
• Access files from any device. PC, Laptop, Cell Phone or Tablet

Web Hosting
• Web hosting and management of Web pages (HTTP and HTTPS available)
• Access to MySQL database. 
• FTP Services
• Daily Backups
• DNS Services

Domain Management Services
• Domain Registrations
• Domain Transfers
• Domain Sales
• SSL Certificates
• DNS Services

Client-Side Server Maintenance

• Server logs checked daily. 
• Backup status of each server. 
• Disk space check. 
• Temp file clean out and check. 
• Specific routines to be run on the server (client requests). 
• General health of server. 
• Client requests.
• Real time monitoring of network devices. 
• SNMP interrogation of all network services and hardware. 
• Special management and splitting of services for internal WIFI networks. Cell phones get limited access to outside services and can't use internal services. Laptops and specified devices get access to all services. 
• Switch and managed switch access control. 
• Speed of network segment management. 
• VPN management on internal LAN and over WAN (to Branch or home offices)
• CAPs management of multiple WIFI APs. 
• Real time repair of problem during work hours. 

• Hardware can be supplied to client at reduced rates on request. We have access to many different suppliers and get preferential rates. We pass this on the clients as a service. Brand names such as DELL, HP are available, generic system can be sourced or built to customer specifications. 

Internal NAS Systems
• On request from client we are able to provide large scale NAS units that have the ability to grow with the organization, units up to one petabyte are available.  All internal NAS units are backed up to the cloud daily. 

Co-Location Servers
• Encrypted hardware backup servers can be Co located on the client side if the required bandwidth exceeds what is available on the WAN. This can include Backup server, email servers, Web access servers and cloud servers. 

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